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Repairs of all kinds

We also offer you an all-round package with many services: care, gas testing, repair and maintenance for your mobile home or caravan.

RV laundry

After the long tour of your last vacation you brought back a lot of memories but also a lot of dirt ... Let your motorhome or caravan be pampered!

We ask hand wash for motorhomes or caravans with our special means from different manufacturers, we get your motorhome completely clean and at a moderate price! 

What we do

On a total area of more than 3000 square meters, we offer you:
• New or used motorhomes

We will get you your dream mobile! ( Contact us)
• Rental of motorhomes and caravans
• Accessories advice
• TÜV service (preparation TÜV)

  Gas test, leak test  

• Spare parts service and much more

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